Strangers With Known Faces By Gautam Dutta

My Rating: 2/5 The story revolves around five best friends, who studied at the same university for some years then parted their ways, after no longer in contact, destiny brings them together under mysterious death circumstances of one of them. I was very very interested in the first pages, where murder was listed and how... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Trust Me Not By Ankita Verma Datta

Title: Trust Me Not Author: Ankita Verma Datta Publisher: Jaico Publishing House Length: 376 Buying Link: Trust Me Not Synopsis Rising corporate star Reeva Rai is offered a prestigious position in a top-notch PR agency. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. But working with Enigmatic Billionaire Kunaal Kabi was not going to be easy.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW:The Cedar Cage By Robert Greenfield

Title: The Cedar Cage Author: Robert Greenfield Publisher: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Length: 402 pages Buying link:  The Cedar Cage (Amazon IN) Synopsis It’s 2008, and a gripping psychological mystery unfolds in North Norfolk. Bertie, the new owner of a unique Edwardian boathouse, becomes convinced that the carpenter who built it was murdered: his investigations immerse him in the brilliant life of... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Never Too Late By G.K. Mithal

Title: Never Too Late Author: G.K. Mithal Publisher: Maple Press  Length: 171 pages Buying link: Never too Late Synopsis When you feel that everything in life suffocates you to the last breath, right then a ray of hope shines on you; something same happened with Pramela. It’s a story that has friendship, love, romance, betrayal, grief,... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: First Came Forever By Annie Woods

BUYING LINK: First Came Forever: Volume 1 (The Angelheart Saga) Synopsis First love. A promise of forever. A lie that changes everything. Backpacking with her high school friends, Erica Lindell's life takes a thrilling new turn. Meeting the fascinating Sasha Ailes, she can't help but fall completely and irrevocably in love with him. When he... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Hot Toddy By T.C. Collins

Synopsis Everyone is talking about Hot Toddy. Who is LJ? Does she even know? Growing up in the heartland of America, LJ didn't learn what the world was really like outside the boundaries of her family farm until she left for college in Southern California. She immediately falls head over heels in love with a... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Raincheck By Marlo Lanz

Synopsis Ty Benson is tall, dark, delicious – and done with women. As the singer for the iconic rock band Raincheck, Ty is sick of women chasing after him. He’s sworn off relationships, enjoying the simplicity that celibacy brings. Until he meets Liv Madison. She’s completely – and maddeningly - uninterested in him. And it’s... Continue Reading →

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